[SID2022] Zone 03. The Future of OLED

At SID 2022, LG Display will be introducing its latest state-of-the-art OLED technologies through three zones: OLED Evolution, New Business, and The Future of OLED. The Future of OLED Zone’s collection includes a 17″ Foldable OLED Laptop, 360° Foldable OLED, 13.7″ OLED in-TOUCH, 13.7″ Transparent OLED in-TOUCH, and even the OLEDoS, a display specifically created to be implemented in Augmented Reality (AR) devices.

The world’s largest 17-inch Foldable OLED Laptop folds in the middle, while LG Display’s unique technology enables a smooth surface without a crease.

It can be used as a variety of form factors so that users can enjoy different devices according to their needs – whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or a portable monitor. In addition, a total touch solution enables both normal touch and pen touch usage. This screen is expected to offer a new experience that breaks the boundaries between devices, differentiating itself from the conventional laptop.

LG Display is also introducing a new type of foldable technology. The 360° Foldable OLED breaks away from the conventional one-way foldable structure, being able to fold both inwards and outwards. This provides a variety of user experiences for foldable displays with broader usability.

This product was folded more than 200,000 times to make sure that it would overcome any damage caused by folding. It has been developed with a unique module structure to ensure durability even when being unfolded. In addition, the folding structure and the hinge structure reliably supports the panel to minimize creasing.

LG Display is announcing the world’s first display with OLED in-TOUCH and Transparent OLED in-TOUCH technology. This product is a technology specialized in large-sized OLEDs, and it implements high-sensitivity touch while maintaining a slim design and excellent image quality by embedding touch electrodes in panels.

OLEDoS is the optimal micro-display for enjoying Augmented Reality (AR) content. It applies OLED to silicon wafers that make semiconductors in order to display images in brighter and accurate way.

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