[SID2022] Zone 02. New Business

At SID 2022, LG Display will be introducing the evolution of OLED technology and the possibility of expanding into various fields by dividing its exhibition space into three zones: OLED Evolution, New Business, and The Future of OLED. In the New Business Zone, you will be able to see exhibits of different OLED solutions that boast the potential to create new and different markets – such as the 55-inch OLED Shelf, 55-inch OLED Blinder, 42-inch OLED Gaming Display, and 34-inch P-OLED Display.

LG Display is introducing transparent OLED solutions at SID 2022. First, the 55-inch Transparent OLED Shelf sports the concept of “Techniture,” – a combination of technology and furniture – integrating Transparent OLED displays into a shelf. As needed, you can enjoy the images on the display while simultaneously using it as a shelf.

The Transparent OLED Shelf offers a variety of modes. When you want to focus on the images being displayed on the screen, you can lower a dark barrier behind the Transparent OLED. You can also enjoy different types of content using Art Mode and Movie Mode by only partially lowering the barrier. When you’re not looking at the screen, the Transparent OLED display’s 40% transparency provides a more open feeling to the room, enhancing the room’s interior to give off a more sophisticated and luxurious ambiance.

Another Transparent OLED solution is the 55-inch Transparent OLED Blinder, sporting a function familiar to many users. Equipped with a 55-inch display, the product allows you to manually pull down the shades to adjust the blinds, just as you would with your window blinds at home.

The Transparent OLED Blinder, which offers various usages, can lower the blinds as much as you want to watch the video. And when you’re done with your content, you can always put it up and hide it. This allows you to get the best of both experiences – an immersive display experience as well as a modern, interior design that seamlessly blends into your home.

Next, LG Display is introducing a 42-inch Gaming OLED Bendable display at SID 2022. This product, which can be used as a flat screen when watching TV and as a curved screen when playing games, can bend up to 1,000R, or a radius of 1,000 mm.

In a gaming environment where a realistic screen and immediate response times are critical, OLED gaming displays boast hyper-real image quality and a response time of 0.1 ms (milliseconds). In addition, a single touch of a control creates a curve optimized for various content, and the display that makes sound on its own provides a perfect sense of immersion. With its low blue light emission level and no flickering, your eyes won’t get tired even after long hours of play. This allows you to meet the demanding needs of next-generation console games and enjoy the best possible gameplay experience.

LG Display is also introducing the world’s largest and best performing automotive P-OLED at SID 2022. It consists of a cluster and a Center Information Display made with one super-large display, internalizing touch technology. The futuristic ergonomic design leverages its curvature of up to 800R to offer maximum convenience, enabling the driver to see the dashboard and navigation at the same time while driving.

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