[CES2022] 08. OLED Gaming Display

LG Display introduces its Gaming OLED displays at CES 2022. The company’s highly-touted Gaming OLED products are optimized for gaming conditions, and the discomfort glare free-certified displays allow you to focus perfectly on the game even in various luminous environments.

The most important thing when playing games is response time, and the Gaming OLED displays are 10 times faster than LCDs with no need for overdrive technology, so there is no inverse ghosting. In addition, it provides clear and vivid image quality as well as a differentiated gaming experience because your eyes do not get tired even if you focus for a long time.

LG Display plans to introduce the 42-inch and 48-inch Gaming OLEDs in 2022. With the overwhelmingly superior technology of OLED that has been praised by gamers, it will provide a new gaming experience more realistic than reality.

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