Why Pink Sweat$ and OLED Make a Blissful Match

What does American star Pink Sweat$ have in common with OLED displays? Well, both are rapidly gaining a huge global fanbase – but that’s not all.

Pink Sweat$, whose 2020 hit ‘At My Worst’ has nearly 130 million YouTube views, recently wrote and performed ‘I Feel Good’. This new release celebrates “all the immersive colors” of OLED with some key descriptors: “Vibrant, Games, Paradise.”

Alongside the original full-length version, LG Display has released special music videos. In the movie version, Pink Sweat$ can be seen enjoying a romantic date at home with an OLED TV turning his living room into a premium movie theater thanks to its cinematic picture quality driven by self-emissive pixels. And then in the other video with a gaming theme, he invites friends over to immerse themselves in OLED’s gaming superiority: fast, smooth, vivid, and comfortable on the eyes. In both blissful scenes, we’re left with the impression that OLED technology provides movies and gaming experiences that have never been felt before.

OLED sets the tone for a romantic date featuring Pink Sweat$ in the movie version of the video
In the gaming version of the video, Pink Sweat$ is joined by friends to immerse themselves in the fast, smooth, and vibrant gameplay that OLED offers

So, how did it happen? This is LG Display’s first-ever collaboration with an internationally renowned musician. And Pink Sweat$ really seems to ‘get OLED’.

“I created this track titled ‘I Feel Good’ to help share the experience of watching a movie or playing games on the OLED product,” he says via LG Display’s OLED SPACE Instagram account. With all those OLED advantages, it’s easy to see why anyone would be impressed by OLED. Dig a little deeper and you can also see that Pink Sweat$ has a real appreciation of K-pop and the culture of Korea, which is of course LG Display’s homeland.

And as if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, LG Display’s OLED BLISS campaign with Pink Sweat$ has also come with OLED TVs as prizes. The first of two contests featured a 48-inch LG OLED TV – the kind that has become particularly popular among gamers – among its giveaways, inviting participants to comment on what makes OLED so special and enjoyable while gaming or watching movies. The lucky winners of this initial #ShareYourBLISS event, which closed at the end of October, were chosen from among over 5,000 Instagram comments.

A particularly meaningful theme that the participants shared in common was their recognition of the sheer bliss of OLED. For instance, many of those who took part joyfully commented about the huge impact an OLED TV could have on their lives. Among them, the top comment was from someone who had just become a parent and was keen to celebrate with a new OLED, saying how much they would love to enjoy the “deep pure black” of this display technology. A further commenter was hoping to have an OLED in their bedroom, admitting they were obsessed with premium TVs and that “it would be so nice to be able to have our own sanctuary.” And then there was a winner seeking OLED as the perfect tool for work at home, while another “dreamed” of using an OLED TV to game with friends and video chat with loved ones abroad.

The #DuetYourBLISS contest invites participants to sing alongside Pink Sweat$ for the chance to win an OLED TV among a great collection of prizes (Source : OLED Space Instagram)

But the opportunities to win big aren’t over yet! There’s now a #DuetYourBLISS competition inviting people to take part in a duet challenge with Pink Sweat$ via Instagram Reels. All the details are available via LG Display’s OLED SPACE Instagram account. This contest includes giveaway gifts of a 77-inch LG OLED TV, two 65-inch LG OLED TVs, and five Xbox Series S consoles. If you fancy giving it a go, then good luck!

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