Infinity and Beyond: The Next OLED Design Contest

Ever thought of a great idea that could transform the display experience if only you knew who to share it with? Well, OLEDs Go! is back and could be the perfect place to gather yet more of the infinite possibilities for OLED displays. Following last year’s inaugural design contest, the second round’s set to stretch imaginations even further, as well as promising double the prize money.

Let’s just explain a little more about the competition itself. LG Display’s again teaming up with British top-tier design magazine Dezeen to offer a top prize of 35,000 euros from a total prize fund of 88,000 euros. Under the theme of ‘OLED displays that provide new experiences and enhance people’s changing lives’, entrants should demonstrate ideas for OLED displays ranging from 20 to 50 inches. You can enter the contest from now until the close of December 20 in the UK – it’s free to participate but entrants must be over 18. The winners will be announced in May 2022 after an initial shortlist is published by Dezeen next February and the selection of finalists in March.

But what kind of ideas are we talking about? OLED’s limitless potential means it’s hard to define, but the judges will assess creativity, aesthetics, functionality, and feasibility. It’s important for designs to be practical because the plan is to actually produce and commercialize the winners. The possibilities are vast because OLED’s self-emissive technology – without any need for a backlight unit – can be paper-thin, bendable, foldable, and rollable, as well as transparent, as needed.

The winners of the inaugural OLEDs Go! design contest, including ‘Scroll’ (top left) which took the top prize

While this year’s contest is different because it focuses on small to medium OLED displays, we might find some extra inspiration through the winners of the first OLEDs Go!, which drew 220 entries from over 50 countries – and gave us a glimpse of the endless applications for OLED technology.

The outright winner of the first OLEDs Go! was ‘Scroll’ by Richard Bone and Jisu Yun, who presented a stylish Transparent OLED application that could be used as both a TV and a shelf. In fact, interior design was a major theme last year at a time when many people were forced to spend more time at home due to the pandemic. Second place went to ‘Signal’ by Jean-Michel Rochette, who harnessed OLED’s flexibility to design a TV display that could fold into an audio speaker and mood lamp with a plush fabric cover. Other highlights included ‘Flag.R’ with its rollable flag design, the table-like ‘Console’, and the multipurpose ‘Trollie’.

If you think your idea could expand the OLED landscape, then get involved and we wish you the best of luck. Otherwise, join us in keenly anticipating what delightful innovations are just around the corner.

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