LG Display Makes its Mark on IMID 2021

From CES in Las Vegas to IFA in Berlin, LG Display has wowed spectators and major industry players from around the world with its industry-leading display technologies. And this time, they made their mark at Seoul’s International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2021 where the eyes of the industry were set on the Korean capital’s Coex Convention & Exhibition Center from August 25th to 27th.

This year, LG Display arrived under the theme of ‘Home & Mobility,’ showcasing an array of cutting-edge products to demonstrate new and innovative ways of infusing OLED into our everyday lives – from how we watch movies from the sofa to the way we commute to and from work.

To maximize the unique experience while emphasizing the benefits of OLED for all kinds of situations, LG Display set up two impactful and engaging exhibition zones: Home Zone and Auto Zone.

Home Zone

The Home Zone included rooms you’ll be quite familiar with – from a living room to a gaming room.  The 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) – a product that exemplifies innovative integration – uses OLED modules to vibrate its panel and play sound directly from the display, eliminating the need for additional speakers. The sound-display integration combined with the gigantic screen and excellent picture quality turns the device into the all-round package for the ultimate home cinema experience.

Also displayed in the Home Zone was the 83-inch UHD OLED. Not only is it larger than everything else, it’s also 20% brighter than before which boosts its colors and picture quality dramatically.  This 20% improvement in luminous efficiency didn’t go unnoticed, garnering an almost endless list of positive reviews hailing the 83-inch panel’s ability to produce vivid, natural pictures on a TV so large they could have only dreamed about it a few short years ago.

The OLED displays weren’t just limited to TVs engineered for a place in the living room either. In the bedroom quarters, a Transparent OLED Smart Bed with built-in 55-inch FHD Transparent OLED display was presented to attendees to highlight the technology’s endless aesthetic potential across the home. OLED’s design flexibility allows the screen to combine form with function, essential for today’s ultra-modern homes.

The importance of eye health and protection is no longer breaking news, especially the concerns regarding screen exposure over long periods. The 48-inch UHD OLED perfectly demonstrated how achieving low blue light emissions doesn’t sacrifice your picture or color accuracy.

Safe for all ages, LG’s 48-inch UHD OLED display is the only display for your kids to learn both effectively and safely at home.

Gaming Room

For our gamer audience, the Gaming Room showcased various products to demonstrate how OLED is optimized for gaming.

The 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED(CSO) made global headlines when it was first unveiled at CES 2021 earlier this year. Members of the public and technology experts alike were baffled by OLED’s remarkable design flexibility and paper-thin thickness that lets it freely bend and fold to maximize visual and, thanks to the CSO technology, sound immersion.

Players are able to adjust the screen’s curvature to match their gameplay, providing avid gamers playing on the new generation of game consoles with a totally unique and superior playing experience that conventional display simply can’t get close to.


Last but by no means least, LG Display’s Auto Zone was set up at this year’s IMID showcase to help people see for themselves exactly how OLED tech is making its way into the mobility industry.

The P-OLED 1CG MD (one cover-glass multi-display) designed for ultra-large vehicles brings four P-OLED displays together to form one large T-shaped display. The pioneering 1CG MD P-OLED leverages the incredible advantages of P-OLED technology to make an incredibly useful and intuitive 4-in-1 display for both drivers and passengers to use on the road. It’s also able to achieve the perfect black to ensure it’s clearly visible at all times.

The T-shaped P-OLED was the talk of the industry during SID 2021, which was held in May, even going on to win the event’s Best New Display Component Award.

The ‘LCD 1CG MD’ flaunts LG Display’s in-Touch technology. Equipped with touch sensors inside LCD cells, it maximizes the user experience with superb touch sensitivity, an outstanding design and perfect visibility which make it the perfect solution for your car dashboard.

Key Note Speech

Dr. Yoon Soo-young, LG Display’s CTO, gave a keynote speech at IMID outlining the Digital Transformation era just around the corner, and the new opportunities this time will bring to the display industry as a whole. Yoon also touched on the growing role and significance of displays in our everyday lives, stressing how OLED, with its superior performances and designs, will soon grow into an even more prominent role as a core technology.

On top of providing natural and realistic imagery that’s extremely comfortable to watch, OLED delivers brand new applications based on its various form factors. In addition, the cutting-edge tech also boasts several eco-friendly advantages thanks to a reduction in harmful substances, which is one of the many reasons why it’s rapidly growing into a ‘Game changer’ for the display industry.

While discussing the technological direction display, Dr. Yoon said, “To introduce OLED to new markets such as architecture, transportation and furniture, LG Display is committed to bolstering its technological innovation and accelerating its R&D through DX technologies like AI and big data.”

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