LG Display and Walt Disney Bring World-Class Storytelling and Technology Together to Create On-Screen Magic

SEOUL, Korea (August 3, 2021) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, is bringing its OLED displays to Walt Disney to combine outstanding technology with iconic storytelling and achieve next-level immersive experiences. From Raya and the Last Dragon to Luca and Black Widow, LG Display is expanding its partnership with Disney by giving the world-famous studio full access to the latest advancements in OLED. With this innovative OLED technology, filmmakers can now deliver more vibrant and immersive experiences tied to the studios’ film releases to audiences worldwide.

(Source: OLED X Disney and Marvel | OLED Experience of Black Widow)

LG Display most recently cooperated with Disney’s Marvel by enabling Black Widow studio creators to review the film in outstanding image quality using 88-inch 8K OLED displays. LG Display’s OLED display technology was able to closely cater to filmmakers’ creative needs, as it delicately expresses the finest, most accurate images with a wide color gamut providing vivid color reproduction that stays strong across the spectrum.

To celebrate the world premiere of Black Widow, Disney invited a handful of fans to the historic El Capitan theater’s Studio Lab Lounge in Hollywood, where an array of different OLED displays – including 88-inch 8K, 65-inch, 55-inch, and Transparent OLEDs – was installed around the special theater to deliver the most memorable scenes in the film in exceptional quality. The miniature theater was filled with the theme of Black Widow thanks to the OLED displays all over the wall and able to exhibit the diverse sizes, forms, and unforgettable viewing experiences that an OLED can provide.

(Source: OLED X Disney and Marvel | OLED Experience of Black Widow)

“LG Display is a technology innovation partner of the Studio Lab, and the company’s OLED is absolutely our first choice. This self-lit technology with the best picture quality and color accuracy really gives us the most vibrant colors,” said Alice Taylor, Vice President of Content Innovation & Studio Lab at Walt Disney Studios. “The OLED displays in the Studio Lab lounge allow for full digital reskilling per film, so while we are supporting Black Widow today, the lounge will also be used for future film launches.”

LG Display’s collaboration with Pixar for Luca was especially significant as it provided filmmakers with a much-needed solution during the pandemic. The studio needed to provide Luca’s creators with the consistent image quality they were used to working with while creating the film outside their studio offices. And thanks to LG Display’s OLED technology, they were able to comfortably work from home using advanced OLED screens that boast wide, dynamic ranges and excellent color accuracy. With Pixar famous for using powerful and vibrant colors to complement their heartwarming storytelling, attaining color accuracy as close to perfection as possible was critical to achieving their trademark film style. With the OLED, each pixel can turn on and off independently to exhibit incredible color, the truest blacks, and unparalleled picture quality that best reflect the filmmakers’ intent.

“LG’s OLED technology is used at Pixar in many of our review processes. Dynamic range and color accuracy are critical to our filmmaking process. And LG Display’s OLED display has allowed us to bring that process into people’s homes for the finishing of Luca,” said Dominic Glynn, Senior Scientist at Pixar. “So we will, in those moments, simulate the high-end consumer experience. And that is where we use LG OLED TV as our hero display for those reviews.”

In addition to superb image quality and color accuracy, OLED displays boast excellent standards for eco-friendliness and eye comfort, in large part thanks to no backlight and self-emissive pixels eliminating screen flickering and light bleeding. In line with LG Display’s ‘Eye Love OLED,’ the company teamed up with Disney earlier this year for the movie Raya and the Last Dragon with OLED displays used during its virtual movie premiere. On site was the LG OLED Magic Window, which demonstrated how to draw the film’s charming characters throughout the show. At the virtual red-carpet event, Walt Disney Studios’ marketing manager Lisa Cabello stressed the importance of protecting sensitive eyes, saying, “Eye health is really important when watching content.” Cabello later went on to say that “OLED TV gives the whole family the best viewing experience and shows the exact color the producer intended.”

These collaborations are part of LG Display’s three-year innovation partnership with The Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB, which was announced in October 2020 with the aim of letting Disney lovers all across the world enjoy their movies like never before.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Walt Disney to help their iconic films create beautiful cinematic experiences through our advanced OLED technology,” said Oh Chang-ho, Executive Vice President and Head of TV Business Unit at LG Display. “We believe the best displays and technologies are playing a crucial role in the entertainment industry as animation and live action films become even more colorful, vibrant and detailed. Going forward, LG Display is fully committed to developing the very best OLED technologies that perfectly match filmmakers’ talent for storytelling.”

LG Display’s OLED products have been recognized by leading global product inspection agencies both for their outstanding picture quality from all angles and eye comfort. OLED TVs maintain top places on Consumer Reports each year and are also certified by UL and TÜV Rheinland for less blue light and flicker-free screens, which are features suitable for younger audiences. As the only large-size OLED display manufacturer in the world, LG Display offers Cinematic Sound OLED displays with the sound system embedded to generate sound directly from the screen, as well as a wide range of next-generation OLED products such as transparent, rollable, and bendable OLED displays.

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