The 48-inch OLED TV revolution

By Alex Jensen –

When it comes to TVs, more consumers are buying into the idea that bigger is better. But they also seem to want both quantity and quality based on the trend of consumers buying up 65-inch OLED displays and larger.

But that does not mean 48-inch OLEDs are being left behind. In fact, smaller TVs have found new life as second TVs with more people staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic – so much so that they have reached the point of being sold out.

48-inch OLEDs are perfect for a variety of uses within the home.(Credit : LG Display)

A new era for second TVs

We saw earlier this year at CES 2021 how COVID-19 has encouraged innovations for the home. It seems many households have relied on additional displays during the pandemic as more people have had to fill their work and entertainment needs at home.

This is where the 48-inch OLED TV comes in. It serves as an excellent option for a second TV at home for watching movies and so on, can be more affordable, and may also serve as an alternative monitor for gaming.

As with bigger OLED displays, 48-inch versions benefit from OLED’s self-emissive nature. This means there is no need for a backlight, which offers aesthetic benefits such as a much slimmer design. While that is good news for households wishing to save on space with a second TV, families that spend more time in front of screens can also be assured by another key difference – OLED displays are easier on the eyes.

Bright outlook for the 48-inch TV

Currently, LG Display is the only company in the world that supplies 48-inch OLEDs, but global TV companies are paying close attention to the unheralded success of this TV – raising speculation that the market will only get bigger.

International market research firm Omdia expects that shipments of 48-inch OLED panels will reach 1.3 million units this year. This is about six times more than last year, while Omdia forecasts that 48-inch panels will increase from 4.8% of the market in 2020 to 16.1% this year.

With industry analysts highlighting the success of second TVs, LG Display already targeted versatility earlier this year when it announced it would expand its OLED TV lineup, stressing the need to enhance not only its TV, but also gaming, mobility, and personal display options. These new options include 42-inch and 83-inch panels, as well mid-range TVs down to 20-30-inches.

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