OLED and Disney: An ideal match for kids’ eyes

Parents worldwide will be familiar with their kids demanding to watch their favorite Disney movie or TV show over and over again. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities for screen time have been greater than ever.

Of course, it is wonderful to feed their enthusiasm for fun characters and inspiring stories. But parents also naturally worry about the impact of watching TV for extended periods on their children’s eye health.

Thankfully, such concerns can be eased with LG Display’s OLED displays, which have been recognized as “eye-friendly” by Walt Disney Studios, the world’s largest entertainment company.

Walt Disney Studios marketing manager Lisa Cabello highlights OLED’s benefits on its Virtual Red Carpet Event for “Raya and the Last Dragon” while fans also get the chance to learn how to draw characters. (Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

Back in March, LG Display joined hands with Disney for the release of ambitious animation “Raya and the Last Dragon.” The ambitious animation was released via streaming platform Disney Plus and offline theaters at the same time. During an online event for the movie’s release, LG Display’s OLED made a surprise appearance – drawing the attention of Disney fans around the world.

With concerns about eye health rising due to increased screen time over the last year or so, Disney chose this moment to highlight OLED’s benefits. Lisa Cabello, marketing manager at Walt Disney Studios, was on the virtual red carpet to tell those fans more about OLED.

“Eye health is really important when watching content,” said Cabello. “OLED TV gives the whole family the best viewing experience and shows the exact color the producer intended.”

Disney also released a 30-second video demonstrating OLED’  strengths while showcasing some of the thrills of “Raya and the Last Dragon.” And if that was not enough, there was further fun when the online event’s attendees were shown how to draw characters using the LG OLED Magic Window.

The secret behind OLED’s eye health

There are several factors that make LG Display’s OLED easy on the eyes, among which are low blue light emissions and no flickers. Blue light is known to increase eye fatigue and cause sleep disorders, while flickers can also make the eyes tired in addition to causing headaches and impaired vision.

LG Display’s OLED TV panels have earned certificates from leading testing agencies TUV Rheinland and UL for minimizing potential concerns. According to their results, OLEDs emit only half of the blue emissions of LCD TV panels, while any flickers detected were in the 0-1% range, which is far below the standard.

So, while LG Display and Walt Disney Studios promote the advantages of OLED, the “Eye Love OLED” campaign goes on!

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